My Top Ten Vegan Tips

Becoming vegan can be a bit intimidating at first; moreover, I would like to share with you some of my top ten vegan tips to ensure that you can live the best lifestyle you can without worry!

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1. My first vegan tip is to eliminate all animal foods from your house and to start fresh. Having non-vegan foods in your house will only make this process harder for you.

2. My second vegan tip is to always stock up on vegan food. If you always have fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables, beans, and grains on hand, veganism will instantly be easier.

3. My third vegan tip is to do your own research! You never want to be in a situation where a meat eater is trying to quiz and berate you, and you have no facts to back up your cause.

4. My fourth vegan tip is to eat enough! Plant foods are naturally lower in calories than animal foods, so you might have to to eat a bit more than you are used to. Make sure you are always eating until satisfaction! I’m not saying that you should stuff yourself until you feel uncomfortably full, however. Always listen to your body. When you feel satisfied, stop eating, and when you feel hungry, eat!

5. My fifth vegan tip is to always look at a menu before you go out to a restaurant, whenever possible, to avoid sitting at the table with no food and a hungry stomach while everyone else is eating. If the menu does not supply vegan options, you can either call ahead to see if they are willing to accommodate your vegan lifestyle, or you can ask your server once you are there. Or you can always eat beforehand or bring your own food with you, as long as the restaurant allows you to do so.

6. My sixth vegan tip is to know that you are on a journey. Everyday is a learning opportunity. If you mess up, it’s okay. Don’t think that one mistake means that you have failed at being a vegan. Also, don’t think that if you mess up one time in a day that it gives you a pass to eat animal products for the rest of the day.

7. My seventh vegan tip is to realize that all plant-based foods have protein! Beans, lentils, quinoa, seeds, and nuts have some of the highest amounts of plant-based protein, as well as abundances of vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients that our bodies not only need but crave!

8. My eighth vegan tip is to focus on eating a primarily whole plant-based foods diet. This focuses on whole foods in their natural state, rather than processed foods such as white flour, white sugar, and oils. Whole foods include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, beans, lentils, potatoes, greens, etc. However, the key to eating a healthy diet is balance, so always listen to your body, and don’t be afraid to indulge every now and again!

9. My ninth vegan tip is a bit more a food-health tip. I’d strongly advise you to eat your bananas when they are ripe for optimal digestion! This means lots of spots!! It is commonly misconceived that bananas can cause constipation; however, this is only true when you eat your bananas when they are underripe! When you eat a green or bright yellow, spotless banana it is underripe and is not quintessential for digestion.

10. My tenth vegan tip is to watch the documentaries: Cowspiracy, What The Health, and Forks Over Knives to truly educate yourself on just how beneficial a plant-based diet is.

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