Work With Me


My goal in developing a website and social media in support of plant-based eating and nutrition is to share and collaborate with other like-minded companies and individuals in order to grow followers of a vegan lifestyle.

Additionally, it is my personal goal to facilitate the eating habits of teens and young adults through healing, plant-based, preventative nutrition and eating habits that are compassionate to animals and the earth.  

I am very passionate about living a healthy, vegan lifestyle that is positioned around organic, whole-foods, and I would love to spread the word about products, brands, and companies that support a healthy vegan lifestyle and whole-plant-based nutrition.

I would love to work with you in any way possible, such as:

  • Recipe development with your products
  • Writing about your product in my blog 
  • Being a product or brand ambassador for your company
  • Food photography  

I am open for anything!

I am looking to work with those who share a common interest relating to healthy, vegan, and whole-foods based products. By “whole-foods” I mean foods that are minimally processed, oil-free, and beneficial to your health. I would like to note that I am also gluten-free and soy-free for health reasons; therefore, I do apologize if your product contains gluten and/or soy.

If you would like to partner with me, simply e-mail me at (or you may write to me from my “contact me” page), and state your product and/or business and any way that you would like to collaborate. I welcome anyone who embodies any type of vegan, health-based product! All you have to do is contact me!

*Please note that I have to test your product and learn about your brand before I discuss it! I will not write about/use your product unless I feel as though it supports a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.